Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jinxed myself!

I should have waited to post on the half-marathon training. Saturday morning I went out for my 5 mile run. I took a different route than I usually take and probably shouldn't have. I raced across a stop light to beat the traffic and tripped over uneven pavement. I landed on my left knee, which thankfully is not the one that has been giving me problems, but tore the skin off of it nonetheless. It was swollen and bleeding and looked a mess. People were stopping to see if I was okay so it must have looked like a  pretty bad fall. I persevered though, and finished my 5 miles. I ended up walking most of it at a pretty slow pace!

Today (Tuesday), it feels a little better but is still very sore. I wasn't feeling well on Sunday and predicted I'd miss my Monday run, and I did. I was supposed to do 2 miles and really don't want to fall behind in my training.

Had tons of fun this weekend though. Caught up with old friends and had a few too many drinks. Tonight is Moe's Southwest Grill night for Riverside so I'm sure we'll be loading up on burritos and chips. My second class is canceled, so at least I'll be home early! Lucas's birthday is coming up quickly! I have no idea what to get the kid who has everything.

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Red Velvet said...

Hi Kim - Thanks for the shout out on your blog! So fun. Isn't blogging fun! Love your blog. Dee Dee