Sunday, September 13, 2009


Last weekend Ross and I took a trip to IKEA. We also hit up Cinci's new outlet mall and it was fabulous! I came home with some LeCreuset goodness and Ross got some new sunglasses. We also brought home a ton of stuff from IKEA to convert Lucas's closet into a workspace. We're nearly done but it's still a work in progress. Apparently while we remembered to measure, we didn't think to measure the things we were getting, therefore some things didn't fit. Oh well. We don't claim to be Bob Vila. Here's our IKEA haul and my yummy lunch! It was a spinach wrap with vegetable soup. They have pretty good food there.

Now on to the malls! First LeCreuset. I got a 4.5 qt pan at over 50% off. What a dream!

I also managed to talk myself into a tea kettle. It was only $25! It practically blends in with the stove...well not in this picture because our counter is white!

After many hours of walking and shopping we were starving. We stopped at Frisch's Big Boy to eat dinner. They don't have them any more in Indiana and I love it! When I used to eat meat, I got the Swiss Miss. I was hoping for a veggie option. I ended up getting the Big Boy without meat, and basically tailored it to be the Swiss Miss. It had swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and special sauce. It was delicious! I also got the salad bar. They had a pretty good fruit selection, and Ross was excited to see "strawberry bananas," which are apparently just chopped bananas in strawberry pie filling. I didn't want to see the nutritional stats on that. After our filling meal we went home. It took us so long to get home because of construction and detours. We figured we probably shouldn't ever leave Indianapolis again - we had pretty bad luck during these two trips!

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