Monday, March 30, 2009

I can't believe March is already over. We had an amazing weekend! My friend Abby got us front row seats to the Sweet Sixteen in Indy. Friday we took Lu and Sunday we took both boys. It was incredible. We really weren't rooting for any of the teams (although I had Louisville winning my brackets!) - it was just great to be there in that atmosphere. Max's Dad hosted a birthday party for him on Saturday and he had a great time. This upcoming week begins the boys' spring break and I am off to Chicago for a business trip. When I get back my Uncle Ken and Aunt Brenda will be visiting from Virginia! I'll post pics of bball as soon as I can get them up!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


It's finally going to be warm this weekend! Ross and I signed up for the Hoops Day 5K on March 15 and we're going to have to get a couple of runs in before then. This weekend should be perfect. We're also taking the boys to the Lego exhibit at the Children's Museum so it should be a pretty busy weekend. My parents got back from their Antarctica trip and things are finally back to normal, thank goodness! The next few weeks are going ot be very busy...Max turns 6, we have tickets to the NCAA Men's Regionals at Lucas Oil Stadium, my nephews are visiting and we have a weekend trip to Chicago on the horizon. With all of that and the warm weather coming, March should be a great month!