Thursday, July 23, 2009

First tastes

We've been telling the boys for a long time that we'd take them for fondue so last Sunday we decided to go to the Melting Pot. We were celebrating several things and figured we could splurge a little. We got cheddar cheese fondue and s'mores chocolate fondue. Lucas (surprisingly) was not a fan of the cheese fondue but Max liked it once our server brought tortilla chips for dippers! They both loved the chocolate but Lucas was not a fan of the steam that kept blowing his way!


My speech teacher told us about letterboxing and we all thought we'd give it a try. First we made our own stamps, which is certainly not as easy as it looks.

We found a few places in and around Fishers to look for letterboxes. The first place we went was Ritchey Woods. There were supposed to be 4 there but we only found the first three. It was kind of a bummer because the log book was in the fourth one so we didn't even get to use our stamps! The first box we found was pinecone, and the stamp was beautiful.

After we found the three at Ritchey Woods we went to Flowing Well Park in Carmel and found one there. The last one was at the Fishers Train Station but it was closed on weekends so we're going to try to go sometime this week. Letterboxing is free and is great fun for the kids! We highly recommend it!

The Fourth

We had a great Fourth of July weekend. Friday night we watched The Goonies at IMA with a great group of friends. On the fourth we went to my friend Josh's house and caught up with him and his family. The first pic is Max in front of the big screen at IMA. The second is actually from the weekend before...we went to a cookout at Mike and Somer's and then went to watch fireworks. Somer bought sprarklers for the kids.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer time, and the livin' is easy

We are having a fantastic summer so far. We have been filling our days with family and friends and a little bit of painting! Lucas went a week-long camp with his friend Phil and had a great time. Max has had a couple of birthday parties, and is looking forward to seeing more of his friends. Hope everyone is having a great summer - it's hard to believe people are talking about "back to school" already!