Friday, October 9, 2009

Google Reader - my current picks

My Google reader is on overload these days. I recently discovered it and I love it! It gives automatic updates to blogs I normally read and puts them all in one place, eliminating time and adding so much convenience! Here is a small list (NOT exhaustive!) of the blogs I've been reading:

 Oh She Glows:  Angela is a Canadian woman who runs a healthy bakery of Globars, Glonola and other fun treats. She just started shipping to the US in October.  

Carrots N Cake: a healthy living blog by Tina

Inner Workings of a College Graduate: Meghann is a recent college graduate who lives in Florida. She has delicious recipes and blogs about running, work and life.

Beneath it All: Kelly, Meghann's sister, also has a healthy living blog.

Runner's Kitchen: Probably my favorite healthy living blog is by Megan in New York City. She has great recipes and fun stories. I also love to see what kind of salad she gets from the office cafeteria every day.

Sassy and Single (in the City) to Instant Mom: A friend of a friend, Dee Dee blogs about her interests and drastic life changes as the instant mom to two young girls.

Frankly Speaking: A friend from high school blogs about her life and her adorable kids in Bloomington, IN.

And finally, etsy wedding. I love the handmade items on etsy and have been browsing in preparation for our upcoming wedding, whenever that may be. Don't ask, and I won't tell.

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