Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fan jamming and fall break

The Pacers open their season on Friday at Conseco and we will be there with bells on. Sunday was the annual Fan Jam and we took the boys for a fun, free afternoon. We picked up some goodies, watched Boomer and the Power Pack do some tricks and then watched a little bit of rookie hazing. What I love about the Fan Jam is that we get to see the players and their personalities. They made Tyler Hansbrough and AJ Pryce sing and dance and it was hilarious! After that there was an autograph session and we all met Danny Granger, Luther Head, Solomon (sp?) Jones, AJ Pryce, Josh McRoberts and TJ Ford. The boys got shirts and a basketball autographed and Ross got his Danny Granger all-star t-shirt autographed. It was tons of fun!

The boys are on Fall Break for the rest of the week and tonight we're making Halloween sugar cookies! This time, I doubled the batch of dough and we're going to send a care package to their favorite cousins in Tennessee. Stay tuned for photos! Decorating cookies is always so much fun...although eating them might be better!

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