Saturday, December 19, 2009

Night of Wine and beyond

Catching up...

Lucas had a basketball game early Saturday morning and the Rockets were victorious! Also, Taylor graduated from puppy training last Saturday, which was pretty much a whirlwind day. We had that, entertaining my cousin, and three parties in one night. After Tay's graduation, we hurried to the Old Spaghetti Factory to meet my aunt and cousins for lunch. Unfortunately when we were there, Max's DS case and all of his games got left behind and we haven't been able to track it down since. :( After lunch, we went to Jillian's to let the boys play away. They had a great time.


Saturday night I dubbed as the Night of Wine. First up was Nate and Kelly's wine fundraiser, then Vascular Surgery's Christmas party at Easley Winery, then Department of Surgery's party at Skyline Club. We were running late and didn't get to stay at Nate and Kelly's very long before we had to head to Easley. We decided we'd hit the Surg party afterward, but the invitation said it was over at 10 and by the time we left Easley and went back it was almost 9:40 so we decided to scrap the third party altogether and head back to Nate and Kelly's.

Sunday afternoon I had a spa day planned for Ross and me, along with some shopping. We went to Villagio Day Spa for a massage and facial. Their men's locker room was nice and cozy! (I got to go in because no other men were scheduled that day). The massage and facial were great! We had some issues at check-out but they were resolved within a few days and we are now very happy with our experience there.

The following week was busy! We had lots of Christmas shopping along with studying and a final for me. The boys' last day of school before break was Friday and we made a fan favorite, cinnamon sugared pecans for their teachers. It's a gift I make my co-workers every year and they love it. This year I packaged them in a cute Crate and Barrel mug with little gift tags from Michaels.

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