Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's not "graduation," it's "completion"

The boys "completed" their grade levels today. Lucas is so sad to be leaving Lantern Road but is excited for the challenges that await him at Riverside Intermediate. Max has four more years at Lantern Road and is excited to be a first grader next year. We are so thankful to have wonderful teachers and a wonderful school system where the boys have learned so much and have grown every year.

Max is with his teacher, Mrs. Habeney, who is the kindest, most wonderful and loving teacher you'll ever meet. She had 26 kids this year, and her patience was really put to the test!Lucas is pictured with his fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Catania, who brought back his love of reading. Lucas had such a wonderful year this year and we owe so much of it to Mrs. Catania. She is a fabulous teacher!

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